Software product development

Our team of technology experts is capable of creating a solution that would reflect your ideas and best serve your needs. From product thinking to a market-ready solution, we will accompany you at any stage of software development cycle, so you can focus on your business processes rather than technical elements. We offer top-notch quality services with the focus on delivering unique solutions and meeting the requirements of the market.

Cloud services

We will help you migrate your applications to the cloud to reduce costs, provide high-quality customer experience and speed the deployment of your processes. Our specialists obtaining the expertise in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine will help you become more software-driven by enjoying the benefits of automating your tasks.

Enterprise architecture

Our enterprise architects will examine the effectiveness of your organization, evaluate the processes within an IT infrastructure and determine if the information systems are operating effectively to achieve the company’s goals. We will gather information on your current architecture and provide the metrics to evaluate the success of the future services.



Digital solutions that cultivate your success

Prototyping & design

You can rely on us throughout the entire process from product design to development. We value your ideas and make sure that each decision in design will correspond to your goals and expectations. Prototyping will allow you to validate your idea with users before investing further. We create user experience for customer engagement and brand recognition that will stand apart from the competitors.


Redactus started with innovation and continuous learning at the foundation of its practice. By gathering skillful people who are motivated by effort, we were able to create a company that brings competitive solutions to the market.

Clear communication and complete integration with a project are what help us build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our experts in the software industry, cloud computing, enterprise development and design will undertake tasks of any complexity and stay 100% engaged during the process. We are looking forward to creating original products that will increase your profit and bring benefit to your customers.

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